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What are Safe Website Updates?

1.With Safe Website Updates, we perform a back-up of your site, and save the back-up to a secure off site location.

2. We then update your site plugins, themes, and core.

3. After updates, we check to make sure there are no issues.
3A. If there are issues, we restore your website using the back-up we just made, and investigate the cause of the issue, then update the site accordingly.

Basic vs. Complete Web Hosting Support

When something goes wrong on your website sometimes, it is because of your web host. Othertimes you have a question about your website hosting, We can help!

Basic Web Host Support: We will investigate into your web hosting account to see if we can identify the problem, and provide you the steps to fix it.
If we cannot fix the issue or identify the issues, we have you contact you contact your web hosting provider.

Complete Web Hosting Support: We will investigate into your web hosting account to identify and fix the problem on your behalf. If needed, we will also contact your web hosting provider on your behalf and work with them directly to fix the issue.

Basic vs. Advanced WordPress Support

When something goes wrong on your site, we are here to support you!

Basic WordPress Support: We will identify the problem, or the cause of the issue, and provide you with steps to fix the problem, or steps for you to identify on your own. 

Advanced WordPress Support: We will identify the problem or the cause of an issue, and implement a solution for you on the website. We will let you know what solution we enacted on your site, so you know what was done.

Free Premium Themes & Plugins Available

Our free Premium Themes and Plugins may vary, below is a list of our constantly available free plugins and themes.

To have any of the themes or plugins installed on your site, create a support ticket, and we will be happy to install it for you.

  • Entire Elegant Themes library including
    • Divi Theme & Website Builder
    • Extra Magazine/News Theme & Website Builder
    • Divi Website Builder
    • Bloom email opt-ins
    • Monarch Social Sharing
  • WP Media Folders for the Media Library
  • WPassword password policy manager

What is Included in our Maintenance Packages

Free Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network will ensure that your website loads fast for all visitors, no matter where in the US or world they are!

Valid for Content Updates & E-Commerce plans

Free Premium Themes & Plugins**

Take advantage of our plugin & theme libraries to enhance your website. A $400+ value!

Valid for Content Updates & E-Commerce plans

Personalized Support

All of your support is by me, Kurt Ness directly. We do not outsource our support to other companies to handle, make you jump through phone trees, or put you on hold for hours. Every time you call or interact with us, you will talk to me. If I’m not available, leave me a message, and I will call you back soon.

Off Site Secure Backups

When we back up your site, we encrypt the backups and send them to an off site location. This ensures that they are secure and accessible no matter what happens.

Safe Website Updates

With our unique Safe Website Update system, our system will

(1) backup your site to a secure off site location and take screenshots,
(2) then it will update your plug-ins, themes, and WP core,
(3) then it will verify your site is online and take after update screenshots. If the site goes offline, it will automatically be restored to the last backup and notify us.
(4) After the update is successful, we will do a human check to ensure it works like it should.

With this process, your site is kept up to date, making it more secure, and is kept accessible to visitors even if something goes wrong.

Why Our Maintenance Package?

Let us manage your website for you, with our Managed WordPress Services! We will make sure your website is secure, update to date, and has reliable backups in case something happens.


We are constantly monitoring global WordPress security threats, to help prevent your website from hijacked by hackers. We analyze the global threats to see how they may impact your website. We then take additional precautions to help make your website even safer. That is standard with every plan.


Our Unique Pricing Structure:

Price Lock

Your price cannot increase for the first 6 months of being a client. After the first 6 months, you will transition to the then current pricing.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your WP Maintenance Package after your first month, you pay nothing.

Post-Paid Billing

We only bill you after the services have been provided. We will bill you at the beginning of the month after we provided you the month prior.


Additional Tech Support


PCI Compliance Services

starting at $10/month

Hourly Backups³


3rd Party Integration


Have a 3rd party website integration service, such as booking software, or real estate software integrated with your website? If so, for only $10/month we will support that software as well!

Performance Monitoring


Have something more in mind?

4. Certain restrictions apply, please see Website Hosting Terms of Service for details.

†Daily backups are a minimum of 27 backups per month

1. Every 12 hours backups are a minimum of 53 backups per month

2. Every 6 hour backups are a minimum of 108 backups per month

3. Hourly backups are a minimum of 650 backups per month

Performance and Security Monitoring are a minimum of 27 per per month

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