General Policies

Web Services Policies

Website Hosting Policies

Domain Name Policies

Ness Web Solutions Specific Policies

Terms of Service/ Acceptable Use

Domain Expiration & Renewal Policies

Domain Customer Master Agreement

Domain Registration Agreement

Registrar Registrant Agreement for Domain Names

Customer Domain Registration Product Agreement Extension

Encouraged Reading from ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers), regarding your rights as a domain registrant.

ICANN’s Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities.

ICANN’s Registrant Educational Materials.

ICANN Expired Registration Recovery Policy.

If you have a contract, please consult your contract for all policies pertaining to you.

No Contract Policies:

Payments: All payments for items through the online store is expected at time of order. Payment for invoices and all orders not through the online store have terms of Net15, due within 15 days.

Late Fees: A late fee of $5 is assessed to any invoice that is past due, and there is a 2.0% interest assessed to all past due invoices on the 1st of every month until it is paid (24% APY). Any accounts that have outstanding balances for over 60 days are considered to be default.

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