Electronic Payment Agreement

Updated: October 26, 2022

“Client” or “You” refers to the individual or business paying an invoice from Ness Web Solutions, LLC.
“Ness Web Solutions” or “We” refers to Ness Web Solutions, LLC.

By paying invoices online, the Client who is paying the invoice agrees to the following:

Ness Web Solutions will charge the Client the following fees for invoice payments made electronically:

Insufficient Funds Fee (called NSF Fee): A fee charged to the Client when there is not enough funds in the Client’s account to cover the charge, and the payment is not successful due to lack of funds in the Client’s account.

Dispute Fee: A fee charged to the Client files a dispute over a charge by Ness Web Solutions.

Credit/Debit Card Payment:

            NSF Fee: $0.00

            Dispute Fee: $20.00 per dispute

E-Check/ACH Payment:

            NSF Fee: $5.00 per attempt

            Dispute Fee: $20.00 per dispute

For All Electronic Payments:

If an electronic payment does not succeed, it will be retried automatically once per day for the next three days, for a total of 4 attempts.

If a chargeback occurs, the Client’s service will be suspended until the chargeback and dispute clears.

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