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WordPress Hosting vs Regular Web Hosting

Mar 25, 2023 | WordPress

When searching for website hosting for your WordPress website, you have a lot of options, from cheap hosting for free, to very expensive hosting at hundreds of dollars per month. You will also see companies advertise WordPress hosting, and others say they offer hosting for WordPress sites.

Wouldn’t they be the same thing? Isn’t all hosting for WordPress sites the same?
The truth is not at all, like we spoke about in our previous article, just like how all website hosting isn’t the same, all WordPress hosting isn’t the same.

When selecting hosting for your WordPress site, there are two options, WordPress hosting and Regular web hosting.

Regular Web Hosting

Regular hosting, is not designed for WordPress, but merely offers the capability to host WordPress sites. It’s main purpose is to accommodate the most amount of website types as possible. They may offer WordPress tools, like 1 click installs, and easy backups, but that is usually the extent of the WordPress tools.

Regular web hosting may offer great sounding deals like unlimited space, unlimited emails, and free SSL certificates, for very inexpensive rates, but they will lack the support you need.

When your site goes down, you can contact support, and they can check to see if your web hosting is down, but if it isn’t they may not be able to help with much. They may be able to offer some basic help for your site, and give you links to resources, but that is usually about it.

If plugins and themes are fighting on your site, and causing the issues, regular web hosting support can’t help too much, and you are left to figure it out on your own.

You need to have some technical skills to venture out with regular web hosting when running a WordPress site, to be able to fix most issues your self.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting, sometimes called Managed WP hosting or WP hosting, is built with WordPress in mind. Everything included in the plan is designed for WordPress sites and users.

With WordPress Hosting, you will often times have WordPress installed on the web server for you, at purchase. You may often have access to tools specialized for WordPress sites, such as staging sites and WordPress plugins preinstalled.

One of the best things with WordPress hosting is the environment. While WordPress is flexible and can run on pretty much run anywhere, when you select WordPress hosting, your site can now only survive but thrive! Your site will be faster, more secure, and easier to build.

Speed and security are the number one and two concerns of website owners, and with WordPress hosting, your site will be fast, and will be kept secure.

with the WordPress hosting, you may also get access to development or staging sites, which is a second test site, which you can use to play around, without it affecting your real site. This is a great place to test out new features and plugins on the site, as well as play with different themes, if you are contemplating a redesign.

The other best thing of WordPress hosting is the support. When things go wrong, you will have WordPress experts to talk to, to help you through. These individuals will be able to help you with the infamous WordPress “white screen of death”, and other smaller issues, such as not being able to upload larger files to your site.

These individuals can either walk you step by step through how to fix the site, or may be able to fix the site for you! They may even be able to help with recommendations for the best plugins to have on your site.

When something goes wrong, if your plugins start to fight with each other, or your site goes offline, WordPress hosting support can fix your site. They can help you determine which plugins don’t get along and work together, and may be able to offer recommendations.

This is the best hosting option if you are not technically savvy, and need help.

Why Ness Web Solutions WordPress hosting?

What sets our WordPress hosting apart from others is the type of hosting. Our Manged WP Hosting has a plans for someone at every stage, from the person who knows WordPress and can fix most things, but occasionally needs advanced help, to someone who wants to be completely hands off with their website.

With our Fully Managed and Managed Pro hosting plans, we not only can help with advanced needs, but we also include set development/content update time in the plans. All you have to do is just email us with the change you want to see on your site, and we will make the change for you! If you want to change out the photos on the home page, just email us the photos, and we can do that for you!

We will manage all aspects of your website for you, even researching and installing new plugins to add functionality to your site. We can make the smallest of change to large website changes for you, you just tell us what you want to see!

We also are very hands on with our Managed WP hosting. After a new plan is ordered, we will personally install and set up the new WordPress site for you, and preinstall some plugins (depending on the plan), including a password policy manager, an audit log, a 2 factor authentication plugin, and include a FREE copy of Elegant Theme’s Divi Builder or Divi Theme on your site!

We maintain a library of premium WordPress plugins and themes that you get access to at no charge, with select plans.

If our Managed WP Hosting interests you, contact us today to learn more about it, and how our hosting can help you and your website!

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